Karaoke CD+G Master Project Creation

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Here you can create your very own Personal Karaoke CD+G with a difference!

Do you have a group? Are you a Solo Artist? Have written and produced your own material?

Then why not make your very own Karaoke CD+G Master of it?

All you need to do is send us a CD of your backing track or tracks you would like to use along with the original versions with vocals and lyrics via the post to the address on the Contact Page. You can also send them in MP3 format no lower than 160 kbps with Lyrics in text form via email. Make sure that you include your unique purchase ID. We can then use those for your very own and unique Song-Star Karaoke Disc

(Don’t forget to include copyright details you intend to use)

Once you have sent all of the above we can then make your very own Master of it. You can have Multiple Tracks (up to 700 MB of data) included in the Master price.

This process is not in CD Format so it is not actually on a Compact Disc hence the reason to then select the Karaoke CD+G Disc Creation after to select how many copies you would like to obtain.

Below is a snippet of a Personal CD+G Services created project, many thanks to Tomas Nyström for his kind permission to use this.


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