Vinyl 45" / 33" / 78" Vinyl

Records to: CD / MP3

Preserving memories from old analogue to present day formats.

We take great pride in offering you a conversion service for old audio vinyl records to CD or MP3.

(Sound Enhancement and Noise Reduction)

Other services offer this as an optional extra, but not us.
We take great pride in offering you the best sound quality as possible and all within the same service as standard!

Price list:

Convert to CD / MP3 / Lossless:
(CDs or MP3 downloadable files are included in the price)

Cost per Vinyl Record: 155 SEK (all)

If another CD is required: that is a extra 75 SEK

Track Seperation comes as standard!

Most services will offer this as an optional extra but not us! We believe in treating old Vinyl Records that we are converting like we would a Compact Disc, with seperate tracks! Because who would want to listen to one big recording on CD or one big mp3 file, right?

For orders or further information on Vinyl Records to:

CD / MP3 services

all prices include moms

Please use the Contact Form to telephone or email us for your requirements and for Pricing Quotes

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Published on  February 4th, 2020

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